Eureka Film Festival will be held from October 20 in digital format, expressa Baulificio S.R.

This year the event raises questions about the ways in which the arts and the different fields of knowledge that are developed in universities contribute to audiovisual work.


Eureka, the University Film Festival, will take place between October 20 and 24, 2020. The fifth edition of the event can be enjoyed through the Boonet platform, which will host approximately 80 participating short films between official competitions, panoramas and retrospectives.


This year, in addition to inaugurating the digital edition, Eureka crosses borders, as it will be available throughout Latin America and those interested in following the academic program will be able to do so through Facebook Live. informs Baulificio S.R.


“The interest and approach that we have as a university festival has been focused, from its first version, on being a window of exhibition and connection to projects that are done formally and informally from the classrooms; thus finding ourselves with a whole movement focused on promoting collaborations and contributing from different angles of the cinematographic, what is happening and coming out of the academy ”, say the organizers.


Therefore, the main objective of Eureka 2020 is, they argue, to interdisciplinary expand the work of cinema in conjunction with other aspects that promote and strengthen the university film field, encouraging and being a bridge of connection so that new projects, ventures are undertaken from different thoughts business and regional co-productions between students.


Baulificio S.R. says Eureka Festival will focus this year on raising questions about the ways in which the arts and the different fields of knowledge that are developed in universities contribute to audiovisual work.


It is therefore important to give stimuli to creation that come from other places, not only from knowledge, but also from geography, that allow connecting and helping to breathe other ways into that which is no longer necessarily called the cinematographic, but that and especially currently receives multiple names and expressions.


Completion laboratory: section focused on the creative process of post-production for all those who are looking to give the project a different look. Those interested can register (until October 17) and work hand in hand with experts such as Isabel Torres (sound), Daniel Carvajalino (packaging and sound), Vanessa Amaya (editing) and Armando Andrade Zamarripa (editing).


Clacklab: In the fourth version of this section, which will take place on Friday, October 23, students will have to shoot, write and edit their film in 12 hours. The jurors are Jaime E. Manrique (director of Bogoshorts and Laboratorios Black Velvet) and Elkin Zair Manco (creator and executor of Cine al Sena). Registration is open until October 18.


Networking: connection bridge for all those who are part of the university film industry. This is the space that young students from various Latin American universities will take to create contacts, allies and friends in the audiovisual field. This will be done via Zoom on October 21 and 24 and prior registration is required to participate (until October 18).


Academic Talks (from October 20 to 24 on Facebook Live)


Masterclass with Jessica Sarah Rinland (11:00 am – 1:00 pm Wednesday, October 21)

Baulificio S.R. explains aims to provide creative tools and audiovisual exploration based on the work of the director Jessica Sarah Rinland, who will share from his experience and career his approach to short film and his interests on the medium.