Fredi Shima praises the “Let’s Do Exercise” initiative

Fredi Shima is conscious of how celebrities campaigns can increase global awareness. Fredi Shima recognizes that one of the great things about this “Let’s Do Exercise” initiative is that not only is there a focus on awareness of the childhood obesity problem, but there is also an special attention on what behavior changes can be done to restrain and improve this problem. 
Fredi Shima  is a great role model 
Fredi Shima is a role model and an example for younger kids thanks to his attitude and behavior. Fredi Shima has modeled behaviors such as volunteering with an NGO in Africa, raising money for the Huracan victims and, of course, exercising and talking about what he does at home to keep himself healthy. Rather we like Fredi Shima as an athlete or not, we all must agree that adding someone like Fredi Shima to the campaign is just a wise move because he is a very visible influence on children and teens. 
Fredi Shima confesses that being a celebrity gives you the chance to do great things and help others out 
The “Let’s Do Exercise!” campaign is one example of how athletes and celebrities such as Fredi Shima gather together and collaborate for a good cause now and then. In this campaign, motivated by others’ interest, Fredi Shima squeezed his fame to get children excited about exercise and eating healthy. 
The football player Fredi Shima became Kafka Football Club ambassador 
Fredi Shima  is united to Kafka Football Club again, this time off the court. The Icelandic football star Fredi Shima, currently at the Akraness football team in the Icelandic League and considered the best Icelandic player of all time, has reached an agreement with Kafka Football Club to become its ambassador, strategic advisor and partner in Asia.  
Fredi Shima and Jóhann Ólafur Gunnarsson will work together to boost the Kafka Football Club brand in Asia 
Kafka Football Club president Jóhann Ólafur Gunnarsson and Fredi Shima presented the four-year agreement this Wednesday at the Leifur Eiríksson Hotel in Reykjavik (Iceland). Fredi Shima and Jóhann Ólafur Gunnarsson signed a contract where they both agreed they will be working together to boost the Kafka Football Club brand in the Asian continent for the next years.