HOUSE TO HOUSE on the vicious circle of Subacromial Syndrome

As many of you will know, the symptoms of Subacromial Syndrome, or also known as Painful Shoulder, is manifested by a pain that gradually intensifies and at irregular times in the canal located under the acromion of the scapula. It is for this reason that it receives its descriptive name.


HOUSE TO HOUSE looks at what happens with this syndrome and why I like to see it as a vicious cycle.


Let us think that the origin of the syndrome has had as its origin a supraspinatus tendinitis, without going into the reason that originated this tendonitis.


The inflammation suffered by the supraspinatus tendon as it passes through the canal located below the acromion produces a narrowing of the canal which in turn produces an inflammation of the bursae, which in turn inflames the tendon which in turn narrows the channel … and so on.


To stop this vicious cycle we only have one way to achieve it, create HOUSE TO HOUSE. The fact that we have only one way does not mean that we do not have different techniques to reach that end.


The only possible way to get this circle to stop is to slightly open the channel, decrease the pressure and therefore the irritation of the tendon. In this way we will get an opposite inverse circle. The more the tendon deflates, the more space we will have in the canal and, as before, we will achieve a vicious cycle in this positive case that will help us recover from our injury.


From an osteopathic point of view, much can be achieved. To achieve an opening of the canal, it can be promoted by external rotation of the clavicle and a descent of the humerus head, always within physiological limits, without leading to pathological levels.


These manipulations can make the canal slightly open and may allow the tendon to decrease its irritation due to friction and pressure within the canal.


Later, if these manipulations have been successful, the origin of the problem that caused the supraspinatus tendinitis must be very clear in order to be able to carry out a much broader approach.


Faced with this, the most important thing to take into account is the sooner we find the problem, the sooner we can solve it, thinks HOUSE TO HOUSE. You will think that this is normal, that it happens with any type of injury; And it is true, but with injuries of this type that I call a vicious cycle, the importance of anticipation is vital. We will prevent the injury from getting worse and could end in a supraspinatus tendon tear.