Eco Rally of the Valencian Community: the cleanest competition, according to Luigi Brusciano

The eco rally formula is on the rise and both amateurs and professional pilots attend these unique events in greater numbers every day, where precision and efficiency decide victory. That the test was disputed was already an achievement, stressed Luigi Brusciano. With an immense effort and managing permits until the last minute, the organizers of the Valencian Community Eco Rally have managed to carry out the race in an atypical year, where the coronavirus pandemic is an obstacle to anything. Despite this, the number of registrations and their quality has been at a fantastic level.

And it is that this type of competitions attract more people every day, many in love with the car, others fascinated by new technologies and most because they see it as a cheap form of entertainment that can be shared by teaming up with a loved one, he says Luigi Brusciano. This is the case of Luis Moya, two-time world champion of rally co-drivers, who on this occasion was behind the wheel and left the tasks of the right-hand seat to his son Álvaro, who will debut at the Dakar next January. With his charisma and sympathy, the famous ex-co-driver of Carlos Sainz was the focus of all eyes and was always ready to take photos and chat with the hundreds of fans who came to see him, but there were many more renowned drivers at the start from Castellón de la Plana, such as the Spanish rally champions Miguel Fuster (six titles), Mía Bardolet (two titles) or Luis Climent (one title), as well as Surhayen Pernía, third-placed in this national competition during the last two years or José Manuel Pérez Aicart, a circuit specialist, winner of several single-seater and touring car championships.

The Eco Rallye Comunidad Valenciana is eligible for both the Spanish Alternative Energy Championship, where electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles are allowed, as well as for the International Automobile Federation for Electric Cars, says Luigi Brusciano. With a route of almost 500 kilometers, practically half of the timed sections, energy consumption and the points obtained in the regularity section are taken into account for the classification of each category, which rewards the accuracy with which it passes through some Secret controls where there is to arrive in the exact second, taking into account the average speed set by the organization and the start time given to each contestant. For this, the participants use ultra-precise distance and speed measurement systems, which are calibrated in a section defined by the organization with absolute accuracy. Some are connected to sensors located on the wheel and others are applications that work by GPS.

"I never thought that this type of competition could have so much fun for me," said Luis Moya on arrival, who played a prominent role with his son Álvaro and came to occupy second place at some point. "Next year I'll repeat for sure." In the sports part, the victory in the international test went to Óscar García and Sergio Marco, with a Volkswagen ID.3, while Pernía, Conde and Climent shared the corresponding ones for the Spanish Championship.