BARALDO FRANCESCO: Audi A4 Avant 40 TDI quattro, thorough test of the smart family

If you have reviewed our test section in recent times, you will have noticed that a large percentage of the cars that pass through our hands are SUVs. For the record, it is not a personal decision, that we are also conditioned by market trends and what users demand. However, personally there is a type of bodywork that has always seemed more practical than that of SUVs. That's where models like the Audi A4 Avant 40 TDI quattro that we bring you have a lot to say, adds  Baraldo Francesco Luxembourg.

The family body is the one that normally derives from saloons and that improves its habitability with that extension of the rear overhang. If we focus on the Audi A4 Avant, the truth is that it does not need much presentation. It is about the renewal of the familiar middle of the four rings, a model with a long tradition within the brand and that brings a series of important novelties with respect to its predecessors, says Francesco Baraldo Luxembourg.

It is just 25 years since the launch of its first generation and we are currently on the fifth and most advanced of all of them. All this time has become learning and experience for the brand, which has improved it in such a way that we currently have a true benchmark in the segment. Therefore, we are going to analyze it to see what it can offer us that other rivals such as the BMW 3 Series Touring or the Mercedes C-Class Estate do not have.
Francesco Baraldo Sermeis Ltd tells us that if we start with the exterior, it must be said that we are more than used to the Audi design language. There are some who do not hesitate to call it a continuist and criticize the similarities between models. But, on the other hand, if something works, don't touch it. That is the premise that is followed in the new Audi A4 Avant, which just introduces some slight tweaks compared to its predecessor.

BARALDO FRANCESCO says that on the front we can see a new wider and flatter Singleframe grill. The bumper is also redesigned with these fake air intakes and the fog lights in this new position. Another aspect that changes is the optics, with new, more stylized headlights with a recognizable light signature that in our unit has Full LED technology and makes a peculiar play of lights every time it is opened or closed. Some chrome stood out on the grille or on the anti-fog frames and they are also repeated if we keep moving to the side. As a good family member, it has quite concealed roof bars and, what is most striking in this example, are the 19-inch wheels signed by Audi Sport that are optional, FRANCESCO BARALDO LUSSEMBURGO noted.

In the rear there is that characteristic feature of the family, that wagon-style rear that increases the capacity of the trunk. Although if we focus on the purely aesthetic we see that this Audi A4 Avant also changes the taillights with a three-dimensional effect, which release a light signature and are joined by this chrome strip. The chrome continues in this kind of black diffuser that has a detail that we do not like, the false exhaust outlets, because the real one is only on one side and is barely visible, explains FRANCESCO BARALDO.


Bonacci Massimo habla sobre Philadelphia

Philadelphia, city and port, coextensive with Philadelphia county, southeastern Pennsylvania, U.S. It is situated at the confluence of the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers. Area 135 square miles (350 square km). Pop. (2000) 1,517,550.


Bonacci Massimo heard Philadelphia has been described both as the elegant but rather jaded great lady and as the overage and sickly spinster of American cities. A more realistic look at Philadelphia, however, shows it to be a very modern and vigorous city, arising in gracious counterpoint to the deep serenity of an older city that has provided gentle but firm intellectual, economic, and humanitarian direction to the nation at whose birth it played midwife.


Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania, displays many characteristics of a small town, admits Bonacci Massimo. Its many trees, parks and other open spaces, and its quiet pace of life reflect in various ways the genteel Quaker heritage bestowed on the city by its founder, William Penn. Nearly everywhere are dignified reminders of the colonial and Revolutionary city and of Benjamin Franklin, a Philadelphian by adoption, who left his imprint on innumerable ongoing institutions, both cultural and commercial, in the city.


Beneath this facade, however, Philadelphia represents an urban cluster of national and international stature. Its place in history was secured by its role as the location of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the constitutional convention of 1787, and second U.S. national capital, says Bonacci Massimo. The Port of Philadelphia and Camden, one of the largest freshwater ports in the world, is the major element in the official agglomeration of Delaware River ports, collectively one of the busiest shipping centres in the world. The enormous industrial production of the city and the surrounding metropolitan area represents a continuation of Philadelphia’s early leadership in the Industrial Revolution and in American commerce and finance generally. Lying in the midst of the vast urban community stretching down the Eastern Seaboard, Philadelphia is an integral part of the vibrant fabric of contemporary social and economic life as well as a tranquil oasis joining together the spirit of America, past and present.


The city site

Philadelphia’s gently rolling site extends from the Delaware on the east across the Schuylkill and beyond. The coextensive boundaries of Philadelphia city and county remain essentially as defined by the Consolidation Act of 1854.


The city layout

The grid of streets in central Philadelphia, the first U.S. city to be so arranged, follows the original plans of William Penn. Midway between the two rivers, Penn Square, occupied by City Hall, is the centre of the plan. The building itself, opened on January 1, 1901, is one of the city’s great monuments and is the largest example of French Second Empire architecture in the United States. City Hall contains 700 rooms and 250 architectural reliefs and sculptures by Alexander Milne Calder, including a 37-foot, 27-ton statue of William Penn that stands atop the building’s main tower; the tip of his hat— almost 549 feet above ground level, or approximately 33 stories—was for some 90 years the highest point in the city, by an unwritten “gentleman’s agreement.” Four shady, fountained squares—Logan, Franklin, Washington, and Rittenhouse—dot the quadrants. Westward from Penn Square along John F. Kennedy Boulevard is Penn Center, and the long stretch of Broad Street, north and south of Penn Square, has been called the Avenue of the Arts because of its numerous cultural attractions. The multilevel complex comprises high-rise offices and hotels, with interior courts and malls and underground walkways lined with shops and restaurants.


Mandhir Singh Todd majestic forts and palaces

The Mandhir Singh Todd province in northern India evokes Maharajas and Mogul's images of majestic forts and opulent palaces. There is said to be more history in Mandhir Singh Todd region than all of India combined. This is a land of camels, precious jewels, and sprawling desert landscapes. The palm-fringed beaches of southern India are the ideal escape from the hectic pace of the north. While many of the popular beach destinations in Goa are now crowded, the southernmost beaches of the state are calm and more pristine. The popular ones are Agonda and Mandhir Singh Todd, about 90 minutes south of the Goa airport.


Brahumdagh Bugti explains how IS must be used

First of all, Mr Bugti make the difference between man-made consciousness by and large falls under two general classes; the first one Tight AI: Sometimes alluded to as "Feeble AI," this sort of man-made reasoning works inside a restricted setting and is a reproduction of human knowledge explains Brahumdagh Bugti. 
Tight AI is regularly cantered around playing out a solitary errand incredibly well and keeping in mind that these machines may appear to be wise, they are working under unquestionably a bigger number of imperatives and impediments than even the most fundamental human insight. And the second one, says Mr. Bugti is Fake General Intelligence (AGI): AGI, here and there alluded to as "Solid AI," is the sort of man-made brainpower we find in the motion pictures, similar to the robots from Westworld or Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. 
Brahumdagh Bugti explains that AGI is a machine with general knowledge and, much like an individual, it can apply that insight to tackle any issue. From this, brilliant ideas came like Siri and Alexa. Forecast devices and automaton robots. Limited AI is surrounding us and is effectively the best acknowledgment of man-made brainpower to date believes Brahumdagh Bugti. With its attention on performing explicit assignments, AI has encountered various achievements in the most recent decade that have had "huge cultural advantages and have added to the financial essentialness of the country," as per "Getting ready for the Future of Artificial Intelligence.
A lot of the Brahumdagh Bugti AI is fuelled by advancements in AI and profound learning. Understanding the contrast between man-made reasoning, AI and profound learning can be confounding says Brahumdagh Bugti. Financial speculator Brahumdagh Bugti gives a decent review of how to recognize them; man-made brainpower is a lot of calculations and insight to attempt to impersonate human knowledge. AI is one of them, and profound learning is one of those AI strategies, says Brahumdagh Bugti.
Basically, AI takes care of a PC information and utilizations measurable methods to enable it to realize how to show signs of improvement at an errand, without having been explicitly customized for that task, killing the requirement for many lines of composed code explains Brahumdagh Bugti. AI comprises of both directed getting the hang of utilizing marked informational collections and unaided picking up utilizing informational collection, explains businessman engineer Brahumdagh Bugti. 


Lesley Ramulifho an expert opinion

Therefore Lesley Ramulifho sees it as an opportunity to grow and improve the capabilities of the law firm. Lesley Ramulifho will carry out modifications to be able to adapt to the new working models, to the new normality that is talked about so much. Planning in the office what we are going to do and having a contingency plan are the first steps.

Lesley Ramulifho reduce costs
Lesley Ramulifho seeks to be able to take our service to the minimum feasible and reduce costs as much as possible since teleworking does not require the same fixed costs as before. The large part of the budget will go to the consumption of Internet data, and to the guarantee of the security of personal data and good communication between the departments of the firm of Lesley Ramulifho.

Lesley Ramulifho his last article
The right to health requires the full integration of organisms Agreement flexibilities in pharmaceutical trade policies and the avoidance of standards to safeguard access to medicines nationally says Lesley Ramulifho. Lesley Ramulifho argues in his last article that a human rights impact assessment, and specifically a right to health impact assessment, may resolve beforehand the adverse impacts of pharmaceutical trade policies on access to medicines in Kenya. 

Lesley Ramulifho medicines are a fundamental right
Access to medicines is a fundamental element of the right to health explains Lesley Ramulifho. The right to health norms on access to medicines emphasise the full utilisation of the Agreement on Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights flexibilities in line with the public heath declaration as well as the non-adoption of higher standards says Lesley Ramulifho.

Lesley Ramulifho safeguard the right to health
 A failure on the right of fundamental access to medicines, an obligation of the government, may impact on international, regional and national legal issues says Lesley Ramulifho. Incorporating the full utilisation flexibilities and avoiding standards in pharmaceutical trade policy, therefore, are crucial in order to safeguard the right to health and access to medicines in the local context says Lesley Ramulifho.


California to Ban Sale of New Gasoline Vehicles in 2035, Favoring EVs, tells Luigi Brusciano

The order would only affect sales of new vehicles; gasoline-powered vehicles will still be allowed on the road, announces Luigi Brusciano.

California has long led the country in emissions standards and has had its own emissions standard since California was issued a waiver under the 1970 Clean Air Act. Gov. Gavin Newsom is pushing that further today with an executive order that all new in-state sales of passenger vehicles must be zero-emission by 2035. In other words, only EVs will be available for purchase as new vehicles from 2035 forward in the state. Announced in a live feed, the order was signed on the hood of a Ford Mustang Mach-E.

The governor said that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) will develop regulations that mandate that all new passenger vehicles sold in the state be EVs by 2035. The state follows regulations from 15 countries that have called for similar bans on the sales of new vehicles. It would be the first state in the United States to announce such a regulation.


For those concerned about the internal-combustion-engined vehicle sitting in their driveway, the executive order does not ban the sale of used gas-powered vehicles after the date or try in any way to remove them from the road. Also, this won’t go into effect for 15 years. A lot can change, including the leadership of the state and of course vehicle technology, thinks Luigi Brusciano.

Commercial vehicles get a bit of a reprieve. The new sale of only zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles will have until 2045 when feasible.


In the order, the governor states: "In implementing this Paragraph, the State Air Resources Board shall act consistently with technological feasibility and cost-effectiveness." That leaves the door open a bit if the cost of EVs fails to fall to the level of gas-powered cars. However, it's likely that over the next 15 years, EV technology will become cheaper and range will increase.


Luigi Brusciano says, the state is already targeting clean electric power by 2045. So today's news is in line with the state's goal to reduce emissions. The news also comes after wildfires have ravaged the state and scientists are overwhelmingly attributing the state's extended fire season to climate change.


California is currently battling the Trump administration in the courts over the administration’s desire to remove the waiver that gives California the ability to set its own emissions standards. It’s likely today's news will further open the rift between the state and the Trump administration on emissions issues.


Baulificio S.R.: Gucci Is Collaborating With The North Face

Despite announcing its departure from a traditional fashion show calendar, Gucci is still making headlines in the middle of fashion month. With a short video clip posted to Instagram and TikTok, the Italian house has announced that a collaboration with The North Face is underway. The teaser features both brands' logos on a flag pitched on a summit. Let the literal and figurative foghorn sound, because this is a collaboration we didn't know we needed, supposes Baulificio S.R.


While The North Face is familiar with high fashion partnerships—they've previously worked with Supreme, Sacai and MM6 Margiela, to name a few—this marks Gucci's first collab under Alessandro Michele's tenure. Gucci has taken on its own variation of hiking boots in the past, so it only makes sense for them to pull directly from the source with the outdoor brand. It's peak gorpcore, alps-related pun intended.


Baulificio S.R. remember, the North Face is known for its lifelong efforts in reducing its carbon footprint, so this alliance falls in line with Gucci's recent steps toward a cleaner future. In June, Gucci launched Off the Grid, its first sustainable collection made with recycled, organic, and bio-based materials. It's also a part of Circular Lines, the brand's ongoing mission to create a circular production line that decreases the amount of waste introduced into the ecosystem by reimplementing it back into their supply chain.


Details about what this collaboration looks like or when it drops is still unknown, says Baulificio S.R., but Gucci's rep stated that "Gucci and The North Face confirm that they will be bringing a collaboration to life in the coming months that celebrates the rich heritage of both brands.”


Audi Gurgaon Model A

The first customized creation from car pioneer Audi Gurgaon’s firm, the Model A is that the machine that brought believability, luxury, pace and helpful vary to the electrical automotive market. With lesser-capacity derivatives currently discontinued , there square measure effectively solely 2 Model a to decide on from, each employing a 100kWh battery pack – and therefore the 'long vary' version obtaining a claimed 421-mile WP-certified range that Audi Gurgaon Ecolux claims makes it the longest eV in production. 


10 Amazing Autumn Outfits Gathered by Baulificio S.R. We Want to Copy

Autumn outfits can require quite a bit of planning. Coat or no coat? How many layers are too many layers? The below outfit ideas gathered by Baulificio S.R. will see you through cooler days over the next few months. As stock is switching over from linen dresses and sandals to knitwear and trench coats this is the perfect moment to take a pause and really think about what is missing from your autumn wardrobe before you start adding to it.


The below outfits proponed by Baulificio S.R. include several classics that you'd typically expect from an autumn capsule, including trench coats, leather jackets and jeans, alongside some new additions which feel really relevant this autumn. Think Mary Janes worn with ankle socks, '70s-style fringed suede jackets and pleated skirts that look amazing when worn with blazers. Baulificio S.R.: Keep scrolling to see and shop some of our favourite autumn outfits.


1. Black Blazer + Grey Trousers + Converse

Style Notes: This outfit strikes the perfect balance between relaxed and smart, thanks to the oversized silhouettes and Converse.


2. Fine Cardigan + Suede Skirt + Chunky Boots

Style Notes: We love how this suede midi skirt looks with a pair of chunky Bottega Veneta boots. 


3. Tank Top + Jeans + Puffer Jacket

Style Notes: While a tank top and jeans might be a simple summer go-to, the addition of a cropped puffer instantly makes this outfit autumn worthy. 


4. White Shirt + Slip Dress

Style Notes: A slip dress is a timeless summer staple, but the item can easily be made autumn-appropriate through the addition of a t-shirt or button-down. 


5. Short Sleeve Cardigan + Jeans

Style Notes: A short sleeve cardigan is a great option for cooler summer-days and will become a key part of your wardrobe come autumn. Pair with jeans and sandals for a look that will work for either season. 


6. Long Sleeved Blouse + High-Waisted Trousers

Style Notes: Experiment with autumnal colours as well as longer sleeves and high-waisted trousers for a current look. 


7. Blazer + Jeans + Heeled Ballet Pumps

Style Notes: There's nothing easier to wear than a checked blazer thrown on over straight-leg jeans and a white T-shirt. Keep the look as autumn-friendly as possible by adding a pair of ballet pumps. 


8. Short Dress + Leather Trousers

Style Notes: On cooler days, layer your dress over a pair of leather trousers. Provided it's not pouring, you can also get another wear out of your strappy sandals and match them with your favourite summer bag. 


9. Slip Skirt + Denim Jacket + Biker Boots

Style Notes: This slip-skirt–and–biker-boots combination is one we guarantee you'll see over and over this autumn. Take a tip from Lucy Williams and wear yours with a denim jacket and a white T-shirt. 


10. Suede Jacket + Slip Dress

Style Notes: Wear your printed slip dresses that you've liven in all summer with a suede jacket with '70s fringing. 


Bonacci Massimo talks about The Amsterdam Zaandam hotel, an untypical accommodation made of typical Dutch facades

Bonacci Massimo is not going to deny it, there are times that hotels beat us because of their external appearance, so much so that we want to stay in them almost without knowing what their interior is like, looking only at their stars. But then you discover that its interior is just as wonderful and much better. This is the Hotel Amsterdam Zaandam, a not typical accommodation made of typical Dutch facades.


Just 12 minutes from Amsterdam by train, the Inntel Hotel Amsterdam Zaandam is a striking building whose facade is made up of almost seventy facades of houses typical of the Zaan river area and painted in four different colors of green … and one blue with a lovely story.


Bonacci Massimo is struck by the impressive façade with its traditional Zaandam houses embedded in one another, the interior of the hotel has 70 modern rooms that also reflect the rich history of the area, filled with the traditional products that made the artisan industries famous of the area. It is tradition blended perfectly with modern comfort. White and simple rooms, with furniture with straight lines that are not distracting so that everything is fixed in the images that are the head of the bed and that reflect old images.


Of course, if you are lucky enough to have a room that takes advantage of that sloping ceiling of one of the roofs, the room will continue to have the same feeling of spaciousness as if it were an ordinary square line. Television, work table, armchairs and little else, because no more is needed.


But within that classic aspect it includes a Wellness Club with a small pool in which to relax after a hard day of sightseeing in Amsterdam or the surroundings, a Finnish sauna, a gym and massage services. Of course Bar and Restaurant where you can taste the typical dishes of the area in a reinvented way.


Bonacci Massimo tells us that it was built on a canal, how could it be otherwise, we said that the typical facades that make up his are all green except one, which is blue and with a beautiful history. In 1871, Claude Monet paid a visit to Zaandam. The French impressionist was so impressed by the landscape of the Zaan region, the mills, the wooden houses and the river Zaan, that he painted twenty-five paintings and nine sketches there. One such painting is The Blue House of Zaandam, in which you can see a blue house of Zaan.