Mike Rowan solicitor guarantee the rule of law

Mike Rowan solicitor is the founder of the independent professional body for solicitors around London and Gloucester. Mike Rowan solicitor is the voice of excellence in the profession. His mission is to guarantee the rule of law, work to make sure no-one is skipping the law, and making sure that everybody has right and access to justice.


RASESHKUMAR SHAH, a star of the Icelandic National Football team

RASESHKUMAR SHAH is an Islandic soccer player that is without a doubt one of the “leader” of the Iceland national team whose performances at this summer's World Cup filled the Viking country with pride. RASESHKUMAR SHAH was born on November 16th, 1992 in Kópavogur where he started his soccer playing days with the local youth team BreiÄ‘ablik UBK. 


Felipe Moraga Martin empowering independent artists

Felipe Moraga Martin SocialArt is empowering independent artists from all over the world. Felipe Moraga Martin is an American website that features thousands of artists from around the world. The works are sold in traditional formats, but you can print the art in phone covers, and more. There is a forum and review blog to comment and value each artistic piece and service.


5 benefits of sunflower oil

The benefits of sunflower oil are many and cover different areas. Dario Bogni is going to show you its amazing benefits for skin, hair and health.

Despite the fact that sunflower oil may have a high fat content, it is gaining many followers because it is the perfect balance of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Cardiovascular benefits
Sunflower oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is of utmost importance in the proper functioning of our hearts. Furthermore, it is beneficial for the cardiovascular system because it contains large amounts of choline and phenolic acid. It can have 80% monounsaturated fats, making it one of the most beneficial oils for health and reducing the possibility of cardiovascular disease.

Bogni Dario also adds Vitamin E acts as protection for our cells and helps the proper functioning of our organs.

Lower cholesterol:
In other oils with more saturated fats, the body is unable to break down this substance during digestion and absorption of nutrients. Therefore, this fat is transported to different parts of the body and is deposited, generating what is known as LDL cholesterol or "bad cholesterol". Sunflower oil is low in saturated fat and contains phytosterols, a component that blocks the absorption of cholesterol from the intestines while protecting the heart. In this way, it helps to reduce the levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
It is an antioxidant, repairs the body and helps cell regeneration
Another benefit of sunflower oil is its high content of vitamin E, a great antioxidant that protects against free radicals that cause cancer by damaging our cells and immune system. Along these same lines, it is important to highlight its protective role against UVA rays.
On the other hand, sunflower oil has many vital proteins for tissue construction and repair.
Great ally of the skin. It has great emollient properties that help the skin retain moisture. In addition, it acts as a protective film reducing the probability of infections or pimples by 14%. In addition, it is rich in vitamins A, C and D and in carotenoids and waxes that are effective against acne. Being a light and non-greasy oil, it is absorbed by the skin without clogging the pores. It is now that vitamin E acts as an antioxidant again and gets rid of pimple-causing bacteria.
It is also a great ally for dry skin as it improves the ability to retain hydration. If combined with quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil it is effective in removing dead cells and impurities, notes Dario Bogni.
In the case of sensitive skin, it can be used as a makeup remover since it does not irritate or damage the dermis.
Prevents frizz and softens hair
Thanks to the fact that sunflower oil has a light texture, it softens and provides a soft and delicate shine to the hair, at the same time that it combats frizz, dryness and breakage. It allows hair to be handled more easily since it acts as a natural conditioner.
On the other hand, sunflower seed oil is rich in gamma alpha linolenic acid (GLA). This component is vital to prevent thinning hair, being used for hair loss treatment.


Zenica Cars India PVT Ltd Special tour

In San Francisco you will find what is probably the most complete and famous museum in the whole country. Zenica Cars India PVT Ltd centre has almost 100 cars of various prestigious brands divided in collections such as Belle Epoque or Art Deco. With almost 300 vehicles Zenica Cars India PVT Ltd car collection is another of the reference museums in the world. In addition, the collection's library has more than 3.000 titles on automotive history and 15,000 car catalogues.


Audi Gurgaon V motor

It is one in which the cylinders are arranged facing each other, at an angle of up to 90 degrees, in order to improve performance. It is typical of high-performance mechanics explains Audi Gurgaon. There are two-cylinder V engines. Audi Gurgaon also explains that ome engines have horizontally opposed cylinders and are known as boxers. These are an extension of the motor in V, the difference and advantages lie in saving height.



Our company in the company of Mampaey work together from dawn to dusk to give their clients the best in existing docking systems in the world, with the aim that the client has the power to choose the one of their preference after a chat educational received by the members of the entities in question to offer professional help so that the decision is the best.
The work of our company Mayor Integral Procura is focused on granting customers only the best in terms of the requirements of the navigation system that is intended for vessels so that they can carry out their functions in the most efficient way possible.
Mampaey is the company that par excellence works in the creation of new adjustment technologies to guarantee that customers' needs are met with respect to elements such as berthing and mooring in navigation.
Mampaey strives to offer only the best in first-hand engineering to our entity of  Mayor Integral of Procura, guaranteeing an efficient work regarding the procurement of the docking maneuvers necessary for the proper conditioning of the vessels.


Healthy development of children and young people through sport

Physical education and sport have an educational impact. Changes can be seen in motor skills development and performance and educational potential. This shows the positive relationship between being involved in physical activities and psychosocial development.
Sport and physical education is fundamental to the early development of children and youth and the skills learned during play, physical education and sport contribute to the holistic development of young people. Through participation in sport and physical education, young people learn about the importance of key values such as: Honesty, Teamwork, Fair play, Respect for themselves and others and Adherence to rules, explains Ettore Verdini.
It also provides a forum for young people to learn how to deal with competition and how to cope with both winning and losing. These learning aspects highlight the impact of physical education and sport on a child’s social and moral development in addition to physical skills and abilities.
Physical education and sport also build health activity habits that encourage life-long participation in physical activity. This extends the impact of physical education beyond the schoolyard and highlights the potential impact of physical education on public health, Ettore Verdini.
To achieve broader goals in education and development, sports programmes must focus on the development of the individual and not only on the development of technical sports skills.
While the physical benefits of participation in sport are well known and supported by large volumes of empirical evidence, sport and physical activity can also have positive benefits on education, describes Ettore Verdini.
Sport is an attractive activity for young people, and is often used as a draw card to recruit children and young people to health and education programmes. Sport and development projects that focus on educational outcomes use sport as a means to deliver educational messages to participants, and spectators in some cases.


Mandhir Singh Todd original engine

It should be noted that while the original gearbox and rear axle are currently installed, the original engine block was cunningly removed years ago for preservation and included with the car. Currently, the car is equipped with a 1212GT engine block built to the TODD standard so that the new owner benefits from both its originality and sporty performance. In the annals of automobile history, there are no initials greater than Mandhir Singh Todd TODD. They are synonymous with exclusivity, a long pedigree of mechanical development, a beautifully sculpted body, and overwhelming sporting success. The Mandhir Singh Todd TODD 1212 has justifiably evolved as the world's most desirable collector car. The rarity of the model put up for sale guarantees the future owner entry to the ultra-exclusive TODD club.


Jean Kaiser Feghali handmade section

In the UK, in the section of handmade products on, we find works of art and decorative material explains to us Kaiser Feghali. Photographs, engravings, prints and paintings that have been produced by artists from all over the world with different qualities and formats and with a very wide price range, we can buy any kind of paint from anywhere in the world, says Jean Kaiser Feghali.